Christmas is coming and who doesn't love a festive Christmas project.
I'm going to show you how to make some gorgeous Christmas table mats. We have used a star bundle as pictured above, but you could also use scraps or left over pieces from another project. 
These cute mats are quick to make and include a pocket for your cutlery and napkin. 
If you are going to use a Christmas fabric star bundle, you will get 6 mats (you could actually get 8 if you wanted) from a bundle. This does not include backing and binding. 

Requirements for 6 mats 

1 star bundle (7 fat quarters) 
Backing - 1 metre 
Wadding - 1/2 metre ( if its 90 inches wide)
Binding 25 inches 
Gold thread


    From the long side of each fat quarter cut six strips 2 inches wide x 21 inches long. 
     Christmas fabric table mats
    • Sew one from each fabric into a strip set. Make 6 strip sets 
    Press seams to one side and cut the each strip set.
    You are cutting the table mat to size, you only need to cut one way as the finished size from top to bottom will be right for your mats.
    Cross cut to 14 inches.
    This leaves you a section to make the pocket.
    Trim the outer edge of the pocket to straighten the edge. 
    The mat should measure 11 x 14 inches 
    The pocket should be 11 by approx 4 inches wide. 
    Take the top two strips off the pocket and hem across the top and down the side, as indicated by the white dots in the next picture. A 1/4 inch seam will be enough. 
      Before you put the pocket on, layer up the main table mat with wadding and backing, and quilt in the ditch. 
      Trim the wadding and backing to the same size as the mat. 
      Place the pocket on the bottom right hand side with the hemmed edge at the top. Use a invisible or matching thread to sew the pocket on, down both sides and across the bottom. Make sure you don't sew across the top of the pocket. 
        You are now ready to bind your table mats. 
        Cut your binding into 2 1/2 inch strips. Join the strips together and cut off what you need for each mat.
        This will be 55 inches in length per mat. 
        Iron the binding in half length ways, wrong sides facing, and sew to the mats using mitred corners.
        Hand sew to the reverse. 
          Check out this video on "How to create & sew on binding"
          Happy Christmas!