Journal Quilts Online Classes

Our Journal Quilts class begins this October, traditionally taught in a classroom environment, we've decided to open this class online for 2020 and we're super excited about it!
So...what does this class entail?
  • This class will cover 12 workshops over 12 months covering many aspects of colour theory and various techniques.
  • Each month you will receive a video and email tutorial and that includes colour theory and the techniques required to make each of your 12 "Journal Quilts"
  • Over the year you will build a unique collection of Journal Quilts and create a Journal (optional) that will document your mood boards, colours and your selection process for each of your quilts.
  • Using your own inspiration you can use the class to create your own style of journal quilts and use these and inspiration in your quilting going forward. 
  • You will be able to upload your pictures each month and see each other's pieces.
  • Nikki the tutor will give feedback on each person's work every month. 
Why not take part in our FREE taster session where you will make your first Journal Quilt?
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