Welcome to Part 7 of our Sewcial Distancing Project.

Today as I sat at my computer, looking at our hashtags, a shed a little tear at how our quilting community shows such solidarity in these times, We have so so many participants taking part in this project from all over the globe. Australia, Canada, USA, Ireland, Germany & more. 
Does this mean we've gone viral? 🧵
Quilty love to you all. We will host a virtual exhibition of all the participants once we're all complete.
Again I'm blown away at how many heartfelt messages I am receiving at this time
So many people from around the world sharing their beautiful work and taking part in our #SewcialDistancing Project

I’m so glad that I am able to provide this to you all at such a difficult time.
What a phenomenal response so far! You've all made some beautiful blocks - keep them coming and I will keep on sharing!

This class is a little bigger than usual, so we will have another video again on Friday.

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